Working out

Our new exercise regimen started this week on Monday: three days per week on weight training, alternating between upper and lower body, and the alternate three days per week on aerobic exercise. Sunday, we rest. We’re doing the Body for Life plan which requires only about 45 minutes on the weights days and 20 minutes on the cardio days, so it’s hard to make the excuse that it takes too much time. However, with Damir off to a customer early each day this week, that means getting up at 5:30, in the gym by 6 at the latest, and back here for a shower by 7. I’ve never been an early riser, but I’m finding this not too difficult and even waking up before the alarm, maybe because we’re doing it together. Or maybe because I’ve cut out most alcohol during the week. 🙂

I started with upper body on Monday, and yesterday my arms and chest muscles were aching. Today was lower body, which is a lot harder because of an ancient injury to both of my quadriceps that makes it difficult to do even the easiest exercises. A few weeks of workouts should take care of that. I like a lot of the lower body exercises because I can really feel the muscles stretching (I may not be liking that so much tomorrow when the pain sets in): I feel like I’ve become too inflexible and the stretching of my calves and hamstrings feels good. The upper body ones are just weird — I guess because most women don’t do anything to develop their upper body, me included, and trying to find my triceps, much less work them out, is difficult. I have to keep moving things around slightly to make sure that I’m even working the right muscles and not causing any undue joint strain. I hope to start dropping some weight after the first few weeks, I’m currently as zaftig as I’ve ever been, and it doesn’t feel comfortable — I’d be happy to drop 20 pounds or so over the next several months. Oh yeah, did I mention that this program is 12 weeks to start?!

One cool thing about getting up much earlier than I usually do is that when I turn on my computer around 7, I see a wide variety of friends available on Skype: Australia, Europe and other early-rising North Americans all online at once.

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