Window goo

Usually when I write about windows, it’s about the type that runs on my laptop. This time, however, it’s about the window box in which I have a little herb garden. With no balcony, a window box is about the best that I can do for a garden, but it gave me enough space for basil, rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano and mint — my most frequent cooking herbs. The only problem that I’ve had is that someone in an apartment above me (I’m on the 3rd of 8 floors) smokes at their window occasionally, and throws the cigarette butts out, some of which land in my window box. The city air is dirty enough that I wash everything before I eat it anyway, so it’s just a bit gross, but not that big a deal.

I noticed yesterday that things were a bit droopy because of the lack of rain, and opened up the window this morning to give them some water. To my surprise, the entire bottom of the plastic tray was completely melted out through the metal frame that it rests in, and all the plants dead. It looks as if someone has poured acid into it, although I can’t imagine how someone in a floor above could have done that without damaging other things, so it’s a complete mystery to me. I was so freaked out by it and assumed that it contained some noxious substance that I chucked it down the garbage chute without first taking a picture, now I wish that I had photographed it first.

Continuing weirdness in my week.

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  1. Remember one time that we ate at the Riverside Cafe, outdoors, and one planter’s dirt was on fire (I got a few pitchers of water from inside, and put the fire out)? Maybe that happened due to a cigarette butt being dropped on your planter. The soil may have slowly smouldered, melting the plastic, and killing your herbs.

  2. I’d totally forgotten about that — it’s a possibility. Really wished that I took a picture now, but it looked so scarily toxic that I just wanted to pitch it out.

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