The Accidental Redhead

I colour my hair. There, I said it, I’m 45 years old (very soon to be 46) and I don’t like the grey streaks, and about once a month I use a colour rinse to cover up the grey. I’ve been using Clairol’s Natural Instincts line because it seems to be pretty easy on my hair, and washes out in a month if I really don’t like the colour, but they’ve been playing around with their colours lately, or maybe my local drugstore has, because I can never seem to find #18 (Pecan), which is a “Medium Golden Brown”. I was blonde as a kid and get some blonde lights in my (now brown) hair in the summer if I’m out in the sun a lot, so this was always a good choice. #12 (Toasted Almond) is just a bit too light, although I use it in the summer sometimes.

The last couple of days I’ve been fretting over the increasingly-visible Bride of Frankenstein wave of grey going up from my hairline, and decided to cover it up, but no #18. Next to where #18 would have been was #20B, “Cinnamon Stick”, which is described as “Medium Warm Brown”. In fact, if you look at the Clairol charts online, it is listed under the “neutral” shades which are supposed to add soft beige tones, as opposed to Ash, Gold/Caramel/Bronze or Red Brown/Red. I glopped it on as usual, rinsed it out, and when I took the towel off my head and looked in the mirror… I was a redhead. Medium warm brown, my ass.

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