Shredding the past

Definitely a weird week. It’s the first full week that Damir’s lived here, so there have been a few mornings of me in my bathrobe saying goodbye to him at the door as he leaves for work in the morning — very suburban! However, since I work at home almost all the time, and he is working at a customer every day this week, that’s just the reality of it. Considering that he was here four or so nights a week already, this isn’t that big of a change.

This week, I’ve been sorting and shredding corporate papers from a company that I shut down more than six years ago, which means that I can destroy most of the paperwork now. I’m down to the last three boxes, some of which needs to be kept until the seven-year mark, so I’ll only have to do this one more. Looking through it is a bit depressing, but it will be good to have the book finally closed on that part of my life.

I owned the business with my then-husband for over 13 years, and eventually we stayed together for the business (like some people stay together for their kids). About a year before the company closed, we finally split personally — something that I should have done years before that — and I made the decision to close the business some months later. We had a great team of 40 people, several of whom I still keep in contact with, and I’m proud of what I built. However, the paperwork is a total drag: financial documents, contracts, HR and payroll, all the usual stuff goes into the shredder.

There are a few bright notes: the somewhat arrogant and greedy owners of a company that we considered merging with, who used the upcoming merger as a reason to borrow a huge sum of money from us to pay off their tax bills, then cancelled the merger and forced us to sue them to get our money back, are now selling real estate in Calgary. 🙂

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