My abs hurt, do I have a six-pack yet?

Yesterday was the first day of lower body workout, which included about a million ab crunches. Now I pretty much hurt all over, and I stepped on the scale to discover that I’ve gained two pounds since Monday. My weight fluctuates by about five pounds normally so this is not unprecedented, but hardly bodes well for the start of the 12-week program.

Just to ensure that I don’t lose any weight at all in the next week, my birthday is on Saturday. Tomorrow afternoon, I’m sailing with my friend Ingrid and staying out at her yacht club for a BBQ, after which she’s promised me s’mores for a pre-birthday dessert. Then on Saturday, Pat and my sister Betty are taking me to Banu, an Iranian Kebob Vodka Bar (really!), for lunch; and Damir is taking me somewhere for dinner, the exact location of which is still shrouded in mystery (or not yet selected).

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