Moving in/out

After almost 4 years of dating and over a year of looking for a home to buy together, Damir is moving into my smallish (but adequate) apartment. The housing market in Toronto is still crazy, with bidding wars on almost every downtown condo that comes on the market, and it seems stupid for him to be paying rent on an apartment when he is here half the time.

The big challenge is making room for his stuff, which means getting rid of some of my stuff, or at least putting it in storage for a while. We have a cheap storage locker thanks to a friend who lives in a large condo complex nearby with lockers for rent, and I’m packing up some of my things for the locker.

This morning, I was packing books: cookbooks and travel books. I love to both cook and travel, so this was a bit difficult, but when I looked at my cookbooks, I realized that I haven’t even opened many of them for more than a year, so certainly they can go into storage for several months until we have a bigger place. That begs the question, of course, why do I need to keep them at all? Is my cooking style changing so that I don’t use some of the older ones as much? Do I just look up recipes on the internet instead of using a cookbook? Or do I just cook what I know without referring to a recipe at all?

The travel books were also hard to separate myself from, but I tried to make an assessment of where I’m likely to be travelling over the next year (which is the longest that I can imagine it will take us to find a new place) and kept out mostly the European travel guides plus my collection of city maps from all over. Egypt, Australia, Mexico — all in the box.

Technical books will be next, and a glance at my bookshelf has me realize that a lot of these are going to be junked, like Duda & Hart’s Pattern Classification and Scene Analysis, a classic book that I used during my university years when I was developing image analysis algorithms, but is so far from what I do now that I know that I’ll never use it again. Just opening the cover and seeing Bayesian classification and linear discriminant functions takes me back more than 20 years… and makes me close the cover again, quick.

Once the books are done, I’ll be tackling the closet to make some room there — he claims that he has clothes to hang in the closet, although the only suit jacket that I’ve ever seen him wear is already here. 🙂

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