Drag Queen Fashion Tips

Personally, I would never give fashion advice to a drag queen, considering that most of the ones that I’ve met have a much better (or at least wildly different) fashion sense than I do. I was at my friend Pat‘s last night and she was showing me the retro/trendy/tacky shoes that she just bought: a kitten-heel slide with a rhinestone-encrusted dragonfly on the front — perfect for her. When I commented favourably on them, she remarked that she had been called on to offer advice on what shoes a colleague of hers could wear with his divine gown when he went to gay camp this weekend, and she suggested some silk flowers on his thong sandals. With ideas like that, I figure she could make a good side business in drag queen fashion tips.

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  1. Ah, but he didn’t take my advice, it turned out. On the day before he left, he went to Value Village.

    Bought himself a new gown, and found some pretty sandals that fit! I haven’t seen them, but another female friend of his told him that he’d really scored: he paid $20 for a barely-used pair of $300 sandals! And he won a prize for understated elegance in the competition!

    So there I was, offering him advice to be a blousy, overdone queen, and he turns into Ms. Elegance!

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