With the rearranging of the furniture caused by Damir moving in and having to have a bit of office space, my dining table and chairs have gone into storage and we’re currently eating our meals off the coffee table — not my favourite arrangement since it leads to a lot of crumbs on the carpet. There’s a great little island counter in the kitchen with an extended overhang on two sides to accommodate a couple of stools, and I haven’t found anything that I like downtown so yesterday morning we trekked out to the Chair Source, a great place for chairs but a hell of a long way out of downtown. I had been there with a friend a few years ago when he bought a counter stool for his kitchen, and I think that it’s even bigger now, amazing selection.

Damir’s not much for shopping (which is quite an understatement), and I thought that I did well to get him around the store and pick out a few stools that we liked. Funnily enough, we settled on the first one that we tried out — small footprint, modern design, comfy back and seat. His patience started to run out when we got to the finish and fabric swatches: he’s never bought furniture that wasn’t at Ikea, and had no idea that you pick the furniture, then pick the fabric, then they go off and make it for you. He was itching to head for the car and quite willing to just let me pick what I wanted, and we settled on the black matte finish for the legs and a caramel-coloured textured faux leather for the upholstery. Should match the black appliances and blond maple floors and cabinets well.

Unfortunately, because it’s all custom made, there’s a 4-6 week wait while they make the damned things, which means at least another month of crumbs on the rug.

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