Getting off topic

I’ve been scaling down my usual BPM-related work in favour of spending some time on other topics, such as Web 2.0. Sometimes, the two overlap, but often I find myself wanting to blog about something that really has no place on my BPM-focussed blog, Column 2. I have put a few of these on Column 2 under the category “off topic”, but thought that a separate blog would be more effective.For one thing, ebizQ, which hosts my blog, doesn’t have any editorial control over it but does expect it to be related to BPM most of the time. Also, I want to play around with WordPress a bit more, and I have complete control over this site so can hack the templates to my heart’s desire.

Almost every day, something happens to me that makes me wonder why the world works (or how it manages to survive) as it does. Sometimes, I email these observations to my friends, who likely suspect that I am under the influence of alcohol or severely jet-lagged at the time of writing. Although I don’t do as much travelling as I used to, the former is often true. Maybe my 40’s have made me more reflective (or more garrulous). Maybe I finally think that I have something to say that’s not just business related. Maybe I’m turning into my mother, who has kept a diary for as long as I can recall (and now, at the age of 83, has a blog).

This has really come to a head this week since I’ve had a couple of days vacation in San Francisco, bought a new camera and have been going crazy with Flickr, and am attending BlogHer; I want to write about all this stuff but it doesn’t belong on Column 2. So here I am, blogging off topic.

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