BlogHer wrapup

The past few days have been so hectic, I haven’t had time to blog or even read anyone else’s blog (except for Savage Chickens, of course). That means that my RSS reader is stuffed full of (literally) 3,500 unread items — very tempting to just clear all, except that I’m pretty sure that I’ll miss something good.

BlogHer in San Jose was an interesting experience, but left me with the feeling that I just don’t know how to socialize with other women. Or maybe it’s American women in particular, since I don’t really have this problem (as much) here in Toronto. The only times that I felt truly comfortable were when I was in the company of other girl geeks like me: a couple of technical sessions, or conversations around the pool/bar with those who also have a love for gadgets, like Nicole. I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way: Kaliya spoke up in one of the afore-mentioned girl geek sessions and wailed “who are these women, and what do I talk to them about?” I empathize completely. Many of the women bloggers in Toronto who I know are technical and/or are blogging for a business with corporate customers, so I just seem to have more in common with them. I don’t want to diss mommy bloggers and craft bloggers, I just don’t happen to know any here, so I have no idea if the proportions are the same on both sides of the border. Time will tell, when we get our first BlogHerNorth event going later this year.

The swap meet on the last night was great fun: I bought a fabulous tie-dyed t-shirt (I think from Debra Roby because I ended up with her card in my hand, but I can’t recall) and picked up a copy of the Breast of Canada 2007 calendar, which is published in support of women’s breast health. The creator of the calendar, Sue Richards, blogs on the calendar site as well as on My Menopause Blog (no, not my menopause, her menopause). The calendar is really beautiful, and Sue told me some interesting and funny stories about some of the photos. I’ve added a link to the Breast of Canada site on my sidebar to show my support for Sue and her project. Buy the calendar, the photos are amazing and it’s for a great cause.

You can see my photos of BlogHer here, or the entire 4000-photo set from everyone here.

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