Macrobiotic Monday

After not posting for two months, here I am twice in one day. On the weekend, Damir (who’s genetically skinny) said “I’m getting fat, I need to get back on track with my eating until Christmas”, which made me assess my not-so-skinny state and think the same. I just came back from a business conference where I saw a lot of people who I haven’t seen for more than four years, and they universally said that I looked great and had lost weight. The weight part just isn’t true, except a normal fluctuation of +/-5 pounds, although I think that between less stress, a happy relationship and better eating through macrobiotics, I probably do look a lot better than I did back then.

Time to focus on a pre-Christmas shape-up, both in terms of eating better and getting a bit more exercise. I’m already eating pretty well: mostly macrobiotic, vegetarian (vegan, actually) half the time or more, with a bit of fish or some other animal a few times a week. The problem is the drinking: I love wine, I belong to a wine-tasting club, and Damir and I easily polish off a bottle of wine at dinner. When we go out, we stop in at the local pub and have a pint or two, usually accompanied by something that is completely not macrobiotic. This is only one or two nights each week, I’m not worried about an alcohol problem per se, but still too much of a habit of excess and too many empty calories. Besides, wine’s not macrobiotic, although beer can be considered as such if it’s suitably organic.

As for the exercise, well, anything that I do would be an improvement over the big nothing that I’ve been doing for the past year or more. Working at home, there are days when I don’t even leave my apartment, and I don’t use the gym in the building in spite of my best intentions to do so. I bought a bike during the summer, and have ridden it about three times, and now have the excuse of the cold weather and imminent snow to stop even thinking about riding. There’s a big plan in my head to start exercising, and one morning last week I actually woke up and put on exercise clothes, although I never made it to the gym. One step at a time.

I expect that all of this comes together with my previous posts about passion in my job. There’s a number of areas in my life that are a bit “broken” right now — eating, drinking, working, exercise — although not, thankfully, relationships: I’m at a better point with my personal relationships now than I’ve ever been. Is there just some sort of weird balance thing that says that if one thing in your life is going really well, then other things will falter? Or is it just laziness on my part to even think that?

I’m headed off to get a bit of exercise walking to a friend’s house; however, I’ll counteract that with a glass of wine when I’m there!

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