Introversion or secret TV addiction?

I’ve stopped worrying about why Damir does some things, and just accepted the fact that he’s way more introverted than me, and comes from a much different culture. Today, for example, I have a (male) friend visiting from out of town, and we’re meeting for dinner. I said to Damir, “Hey, I’m going to meet my friend for Indian at 6, come and join us, you’ll really like him.” He declined, saying that he’s busy working. I think that it’s more complex than that, and imagined any combination of the following reasons:

  • He’s totally stressed about finishing this project and wants to just focus on that.
  • He thinks that he’d be bored listening to my friend and I reminice and look at pictures of my friend’s kid.
  • He’s trying to be polite by letting my friend and I have some time alone to catch up.
  • He doesn’t want to eat Indian food since it gave him the runs once.
  • Since he’s working on his laptop at my place, rather than his own place, he’s just waiting for me to leave so that he can raid the cupboards for my stash of almonds and fine Shiraz, and watch reruns of CSI on SpikeTV.
  • It’s raining and he doesn’t want to get wet.
  • He’s being excessively introverted today and doesn’t want to meet anyone new.

I’m betting that I’ll come home to find him in front of the TV with a glass of wine and an empty almond container.

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