A few more of those herbes, please

When I was in Provence last month, I picked up a packet of (dried) herbes de Provence, that lovely blend of who knows what. Actually, my hairdresser had asked me to get some for him, I picked up one packet then found another one in fancier packaging so used the first one for myself. It was lovely on some of the fish and veggies that we ate in Provence, then later in Florence and Venice, and it was a largish package so I carried the remainder home with me.

Last night, I was roasting some veggies that were tossed with olive oil and the herbes, and I noticed that they were imparting the most delightful smell… of pot. Now, I’m sure that there was nothing in that package that wasn’t supposed to be there, it must just be something about the mixture. They were delicious.

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