Fressen: vegetarian for non-vegetarians

Went to a fabulous restaurant for brunch today: Fressen, on Queen West in Toronto. Vegetarian, in fact I think that everything on the menu was vegan, but nothing that your non-vegetarian friends would stick up their noses at.

I mostly try to stick to macrobiotic fare since an overindulgent month vacationing in Europe last year had Damir and I reassess our eating habits: I read the very accessible “You Are What You Eat” and even catch the associated UK TV show online when I can find it, and read “The Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics” for a more comprehensive view of macrobiotics. I tend to go mostly vegetarian (except for last week’s tilapia binge), so given that macrobiotics discourages dairy and egg, that means that I’m fundamentally vegan most of the time.

The food at Fressen was great. I had scrambled tofu (okay, your non-vegetarian friends might turn up their nose at that, but it’s a good textural equivalent of scrambled eggs and was nicely spiced) that was served with a whole plate of other goodies: black beans on a crisp tortilla shell, a squash-stuffed tomato, some really wonderful bread and roasted potatoes (the latter of which Damir ate, since I’m not a big potato fan and they’re not macrobiotic and he’s eastern European so potatoes are a basic food group). The other two had spiced Moroccan stew of chickpeas and other veggies, with a mound of brown and wild rice. Too yummy, and we were all stuffed by the end of it.

Always nice to find another good place in the neighbourhood.

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