The last word on Bell

My actions over Bell Sympatico’s ad campaign, documented in my rants here and here, finally bore fruit a few weeks ago, thanks to the nice people at Advertising Standards Canada. Apparently, their complaints to Bell actually were heard, as opposed to those of us minions who just received the standard form letter from Bell in response. I received a letter from Advertising Standards Canda along with a copy of the letter that they received from Charlotte Burke, a senior VP of Consumer Internet Services at Bell, on March 3rd. Ms. Burke writes:

I appreciate your letter advising us of your concerns about recent advertising for Internet parental control, a Bell Sympatico security service.

First, I apologize for any offence the material caused. We have pulled it from distribution, effective immediately. The material was simply inappropriate.

[Text about what wonderful things that Bell does for children, and how they’re a stand-up corporate citizen omitted]

In this case, we made an error in judgement and for that we apologize. We are reviewing our advertising standards and the rigor of our approval process to minimize the chance that this will happen again.

Woo-hoo! It would have been nice if ol’ Char had written that letter to me, given all the letters of complaint that I sent directly to Bell, but the end result is the same.

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