(Not) Working at Home

I can totally relate to Ces’ Drink At Work post today: although I don’t write comic strips, I do work at home and I understand the state of avoidance that leads to all sorts of other activities, ranging from dusting to watching reruns of CSI, and the total failure to attend to trivial things such as getting dressed. I’m having the opposite problem about eating, however: today for lunch, I whipped up grilled tilapia and sauteed snow peas in a whole wheat wrap. This is not my usual fare, but I managed to completely blow my schedule this week due to an urgent project deadline, a not-insignificant amount of work avoidance, and a network router that failed and managed to separate me from my beloved internet (also required for the work project) for almost an entire day. It was my plan to have three friends over for dinner tonight, after rashly promising to make them my famous crème brulée during our last outing, but I was forced to cancel so I have a fridge full of yummy stuff that was going to make dinner for four. Now, it’s making lunch and dinner for one, for a few days in a row.

I figure that by tomorrow, I’ll be tired of tilapia and will have to branch out to celeriac soup, braised leeks, and a salad of baby greens and avocado with a fresh lemon and olive oil viniagrette.

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