My new addiction

I’ve posted previously about my Blackberry addiction, but since I’ve been working mostly from my home office, I’ve become less reliant on it as an email device over the past few months (except for the Day That My Router Died).

I must have an addictive personality, however, because I always find something new on which to fixate and waste an incredible about of time that would be better spent, say, earning my keep. Currently, it’s blogs (no surprise) and, to a lesser degree, websites. I’ve started posting more frequently here, because it’s a good outlet for me to jot down all the weird things that I come across in a day. Last month, I started a business blog. This week, I started a blog for my wine club. I’ve been posting travel diaries and travel photo galleries in a subdomain of my business site for a few years (another advantage of working for myself: I can use the corporate webspace for pretty much anything that I want). I publish family photo galleries and digital video in another subdomain, and some weird video of an annual turkey ritual in another. I’m the owner of a Yahoo groups site for my condominium. I’m the webmistress of my wine club’s main web site. [Blogger’s spell check wanted to replace “webmistress” with “webmaster” — I’m not even going to start on what I think about that.] I’m the webmistress of the site for a group of us with convertibles who occasionally (okay, once) do road rallies. That makes, let’s see…. six websites, one Yahoo group, and three blogs. When will it end? Is there some 12-step program that I can take?

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