Long-Distance Relationships

I have a long-distance relationship: 9.2km, according to Yahoo! maps. That may not seem like a great distance, but it keeps us apart during the week, primarily by our choice. We both work more than half the time from our respective homes so have some amount of flexibility, but neither of us can easily pick up our work and move it to the other’s place just so that we can spend a day working in close proximity. At night, Damir has martial arts classes two nights each week, and I have an active social life of wine tastings, theatre, and other things that he doesn’t really enjoy. Usually, he comes to my place on Friday afternoon and stays until Monday morning.

We’re both loners of sorts. I’ve lived alone for over five years now, as well as several years before I was married. He’s lived alone for the 11 years that he’s lived in Canada, and as I just found out, he lived with a woman once for three weeks before he came here — not sure if that’s a big red flag or something to laugh about! We may have the perfect long-distance relationship, something that I never thought that I could do: we Skype during the week and see each other every weekend, but get to spend evenings alone or with other friends.

Last week, we meandered around the subject of living together, and seem to have made some progress on that, since we both were in favour of it at the same time (something that has never happened before). Could be time for a change.

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