Important Insurance Documents

I just received an envelope in the mail from my home/auto insurance company, a company that regularly sends me all sorts of flyers, offers to upgrade and other trash. On the outside of the envelope was printed:

Important Insurance Document
Please Open

Just how much junk mail do you have to send to your customers before you have to print notices like this on envelopes to encourage them to actually read what you send to them? If you have to print notices like this, aren’t you getting the message that no one is reading the junk, so you can save yourself the expense of sending it?

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  1. Too true, although I’ve learned to be a bit slower on the draw: I use a credit card affiliated with an airline, and once I accidently shredded a pass for a free companion ticket that they sent to me along with my bill. They were shocked when I told them that I shred everything from them, even bills (because I download these from online).

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