Whither the rant?

The day after my last posting, and after several more emails to other Bell departments, I awoke, looked outside and saw a Bell Sympatico truck. Instant paranoia swept me: were they going to punish me by cutting off my internet access? I laughed it off, until two days later when Damir’s Sympatico access died… 🙂

After a week and a half, it’s interesting to look back on what’s occurred in the Bell Sympatico rant story. I managed to inspire 5 friends (that I know of) to write to Bell in complaint about the ad, but as far as I know, we all received the standard form letter that stated “Our advertisement was a tongue-in-cheek attempt…” and worked hard to justify why they needed to degrade women in order to sell parental controls. I received a slightly more personlized letter when I wrote to BCE investor relations, since I am also a shareholder, but in spite of their promises to forward the issue to management, I have heard nothing in response.

A great summary of what went on in the press and other areas is here, including how an MPP has petitioned the Ontario Legislature to carry this issue forward to the Attorney General for review and possible legal action. For once, I would welcome lawyers.

It appears that Bell is really missing the point, however: that people were really, truly offended, and that they ought to issue some sort of public apology. I also like the suggestions that they should launch some sort of woman-friendly campaign, but I’m not holding my breath.

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  1. that’s a really messed up ad…and seriously, there aren’t that many perverted kids who need that kind of parental control…but i agree, kill the ad…

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