My addiction

I started this post before I left for Europe:

“I confess, I’m addicted to my Blackberry (or Crackberry, as the wags call it). I get up every morning and check it for email before I wipe the sleep from my eyes and put on the coffee. I check it on elevators between client meetings. I compose emails while walking along the sidewalk, looking up only at street crossings or if I feel particularly geeky. After four years, it’s become part of me. I often forget my cell phone in my desk or even at home, but I never forget my Blackberry.”

Funny what a difference that a month can make. Lazy days wandering around European cities with Damir, checking email once every three or four days, all my current contracts finished and nothing new in the works — a true recipe for relaxation and a chance to get my mind off work for the first time in a long time. Yes, I still check my Blackberry, but more often to check calendar items rather than email, or to look up an address. In other words, it’s become more of a normal PDA and less of an addiction. Clearly, my addiction to the Blackberry was really an extension of my addition to my work, and taking a month off with no work in the pipeline was enough to put a serious dent in that depedency. I strongly recommend the “month in Europe” method for kicking the habit.

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