Argentine Malbecs in Ontario

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I don’t blog for the Australian Wine Society any more, but I still like to lift a glass, and I subscribe to the excellent newsletter that provides reviews of wines just before their release at the LCBO. On July 5th, a number of Malbecs from Argentina were released, and here’s the ones reviewed by, with an excerpt from their review:

Finca El Origen Reserva Malbec 2006, Uco Valley, Mendoza $14.95 (065664): “Easy-drinking red that provides good value.”

Finca Flichman ‘Gestos’ Malbec 2007, Mendoza $15.95 (068999): “Complex and alluring…enough tannin for structure and interest plus generous acidity for impeccable balance; the 8 months of French oak has been seamlessly integrated. Give thought to a multiple purchase.”

Finca Flichman Reserva Malbec 2007, Mendoza $12.95 (746727): “rich and ready to drink…serve with all manner of backyard BBQ fare.”

Finca Sophenia Reserve Malbec 2006, Tupungato, Mendoza $16.95 (066837): “chunky mouthful of ripe fruit flavours—cherry, currant and cranberry—oodles of moderating acidity and still perceptible tannin. Temper this with a two-hour aeration/decant then serve alongside a rare to medium-rare grilled strip loin.”

Navarro Correas Gran Reserva Malbec 2005, Mendoza $18.95 (028928): “one of those Wow! wines that immediately grabs your attention with its great balance, delectable fruit-forward flavours and lengthy finish.”

Weinert Malbec 2003, Mendoza $18.95 (556795): “round n’ ready to go, but is certainly not without class or complexity.”

You can also see the LCBO’s reviews of the Argentine Malbecs here.


  1. Sandy, I’ve followed you, as you followed winecurrent and thought I’d lost track of you when you left AWS. Now I find there’s a whole new you out there! Haven’t read everything here, as yet, but feel I will.

    Thanks, once again, for mentioning winecurrent, and if any of your readers have even a passing interest in wine, I taste about 250 wines and review about 80 of the best of them every two weeks (all available in Ontario) in a FREE e-newsletter. You can subscribe at and the best part is, if after a couple of issues you don’t like it, you can UNsubscribe!

    That’s it for now as I saw you had a blog on a trip you took and I’m off to read it.

    Cheers, Vic Harradine

  2. sandy says:

    Hi Vic, as you know, I’m a big fan of your newsletter, and use it regularly for my own purchasing. I searched back through the last six months of issues just a couple of days ago to find a nice sparkling wine to take to a party.

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