Periodic Table Printmaking Project

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ninety-six printmakers created a total of 118 representations of the elements of the periodic table using various printmaking techniques: woodcuts, etching, lithography, etc. I’m a big fan of print art and own about 25 pieces, most of them from the artists who belong to Open Studio.

There are a number of really incredible prints in the periodic table project, but I’d love to add this one by Annie Bissett to my collection:



  1. Annie B says:

    Hi Sandy,
    Thanks so much for the nod and kind words about this print. Can’t figure out how to contact you by email, so I’ll let you know via comment that although I only made 10 prints, I have one for sale on my etsy site (search for anniebissett on
    Thanks again for your post. Annie

  2. sandy says:

    Annie — there’s now no longer one for sale on etsy, it’s on it’s way to me!

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