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Thursday, February 16, 2006

One of the disadvantages of working for myself is that I have to be my own IT department (I also have to be my own sales & marketing, administration and everything else, but that’s another story). Usually that’s not a problem, but every once in a while there’s a persistent problem that requires repeated follow-up, and I have to spend my time following up rather than doing work for my clients.

This week, that problem is email, specifically Yahoo email. I use Yahoo Small Business for the email and web hosting for my main business domain. My primary reason for using Yahoo is their webmail interface, since I do some amount of access from internet cafes: it’s the best, hands down, of all the webmail interfaces that I’ve ever used. They also have fabulous spam protection: I almost never receive spam, but it’s all diverted to bulk mail folder on the webmail so that I can review it to make sure that nothing that I really want is in there. They also provide a web hosting package that includes more functionality that I am currently using, and everything that I want for the type of site that I run at this time.

The problem is in my auxiliary mailboxes: I have separate mailboxes for several different purposes, such as one for all the technical e-newsletters that I receive, one for business news, and one as my primary email account. That way, if I’m viewing them through webmail, I can just look at my main mailbox; and when I pull them all into Outlook on my desktop, I can use automated rules filtering by the To: address to put them into separate folders. On Sunday, however, I went in to make some modifications to one of my auxiliary mailboxes (never mind the gory details) and was unable to make any changes but received the message “The system is either busy or unavailable. Please try again later.” Okay, no problem. I tried again later on Sunday, no dice, so sent a request for help to Yahoo Small Business customer service. Monday, no response and the problem still occurred. Tuesday, ditto. Wednesday, the problem was still there, so I sent another message. Today, still a problem, so I sent another message that begins with “THIRD REQUEST FOR HELP. PROVIDE ASSISTANCE OR LOSE MY BUSINESS.”

Understand that this is not a free Yahoo email account, this is an account that I pay for each month, and that I use to run my business. Paying for service should entitle me to some sort of customer service response, especially since it is now four days after my original request and their website assured me that the average email response time is 4-6 hours.

I have to imagine that there’s something broken in their customer service processes — how else could they explain ignoring a customer sending three requests for help on the same issue over a period of five days?


  1. Prakash says:

    I had same issue with Yahoo,I had subscription to Yahoo Music Engine and its very hard to find the customer service phone number.
    Hope this link helps

  2. sandy says:

    Prakash, you’re my hero! I found the Yahoo customer service number (1-866-800-8092) on the Support Sentry forum, and I’m on the phone with them now. With luck, this will be resolved shortly.

  3. littleoslo says:

    I love yahoo hosting but recently the mySQL seems dead and at least it loads very slowly..

    And I wrote them few times n never got a feedback.

    One more stange thing, I got 2 domain,

    And I posted an entry on domain blog A and it would become the comment on domain blog B …

  4. Sharon says:

    You guys are my heros. I have been looking for this forever. Why the big secret?


  5. Jeff McGowen says:

    I want to try and get through to Yahoo Customer Services, finally will somebody listen to my frustrated efforts. I am sick and tired of getting crank fake emails, from either prostitutes in Russia, wanting to work in this country or men from Africa or Iraq wanting to use my bank account for money laundering services. Cant they employ somebody to track these people down and literally an email asboe on them! Or even ban them for ever.

  6. Inge Estela says:

    No kidding! frustration with Yahoo! i couldn’t find the telephone number either. Thank you for your information.

  7. Phillip says:

    I have completely bailed on my yahoo anything! Moved my store to another company, and I have never been sorry or looked back!

    Hosting, shopping card, website design all in one package and best of all a toll free, 24/7 customer service that some one answers, not a machine. I do NOT pay a percentage of sales nor am I subject to the whims of the Yahoo machine.

    If you are feeling like Yahoo doesn’t care for you, your business, or your money you pay every month, MOVE.

  8. Rajesh Menon says:

    Yahoo customer care number

  9. iamsam says:

    Guys, I am surprised to see so many out there with the same issue. In my case, I dont remember my DOB, so yahoo neither wants to reset the password nor close the account. I am trying everyday. I have joined a complaint petition at

    Please share on how to solve this problem, or join us with the petition… thanks

  10. Goodlive says:

    I cannot compose, reply or send emails on my yahoo account. My page displays error at the left lower side of the page. Please help!

  11. sean collins says:

    i own a medium size/small company (10) and I have had alot of problems over the last few months with smtp servers going down and forcing me to use my webmail instead of my outlook. yahoo have not been very good with fixing this and spend most of their time trying to blame my isp or my security system for it after I have explained its all been checked and that only one or two accounts are effected at any given time. i think i have no choice but to move on.

  12. jim b. says:

    Well, i just called Yahoo. They answered on the first ring, and were very accomodating even though my birthday was wrong and my email addresses were messed up. They were kind enough to let me use my “secret question”.
    And no, you can’t use mine!

  13. Joe A says:

    Just was given another Yahoo phone number for the fraud dept. You can call the 866 number above but when you hit #3 for fraud it tells you to email them. Of course when you email them no one answers.

    Try 866 458 8744

  14. Robert says:

    Wow. Yahoo is just BAD! FYI if anybody needs it…the Yahoo Search Marketing direct customer service number is 866-924-6676. I think these customer service numbers are more valuable than gold!

  15. Gary Lee Thomas says:

    I have two new URL packages that I bought through Yahoo Small Business. I’m trying to add new e-mails to through their e-mail account manager and it not working properly. The pages comes up in color, then greys out and then doesn’t work. I went to the customer help center, and their program puts you through a series of is it related to this… but by the third link it points to the first question. (I did this excercise three times to make sure it wasn’t me.)

    So… I feel your pain. Did you ever get the number to speak with someone live. If I don’t get this fixed, then I’m cancelling my orders later today.

  16. sandy says:

    Gary, a couple of phone numbers in the other comments. The one that worked for me is in comment #2.

  17. Daniel says:

    I have recently begun using Yahoo for web hosting (although I have yet to set up a website), and was able to get a couple customer service numbers which might help you. Here they are: (866)562-7219 & (866)800-8092 are “customer service” and (800)318-0870 is the “technical and billing” number.

    Good luck!

  18. sandy says:

    Daniel, thanks for the comment. This is easily my most popular post ever because of all the phone numbers for Yahoo customer service!

    Good luck with your website. I finally bailed out and moved over to GoDaddy for hosting because Yahoo doesn’t do WordPress very well. When that happened, I had a seriously bad time trying to get my domain transferred — search this blog for “Yahoo” to see the whole story.

  19. Yahoo Customer Service number for live customer support 1-866-562-7228 6AM-6PM (Pacific Time Zone)

  20. annulla says:

    Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, none of these numbers provide any type of support for Flickr, which is the replacement for Yahoo Photo. It appears as though Flickr is totally without any customer support at all.

  21. sandy says:

    I’ve had reasonably good customer support from Flickr via email (certainly much better than any support that I’ve had from Yahoo by email), so with any luck, they still have that Flickr support team in place and you get your problem resolved that way.

  22. Rabidbuni says:

    YAHOO small business hosting is TERRIBLE!!! CS is incredibly hidden, better than most Government secrets, it took me days to get the right number, WHICH is no where on their site, then when I called, I was on hold for 2:13 mins, then promptly at closing time they just disconnected me. I am in the process of moving my business website to another hosting provider, after so many email issues, and contact problems…i still to date have not spoken with a live person, and they are still billing my credit card.
    DO NOT do business with a company that doesn NOT promote a contact number (phone) on their site….

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